Hair & make- up

In the 1960’s big hair was very fashionable, so was loads of make-up, basically as exaggerated as you could get. Though they only wore over the top make-up at night, in the day it was all about smokey eyes, long lashes and subltle lips. This though was the 'pre-hippie' 60's. When the decade became hippyish make-up wasn't as involved, though hair definately was.

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Styles of clothes

Lots of the styles were being carried on from the fifties, such as the pencil skirt with pleats so that they could dance the 'twist' which was a craze in the 60's. The miniskirt was also popular, created by Mary Quant who got the idea from 1964 designs by Courrèges. The mini skirt was especially popular in london and soon got known as the chealsea look. Soon after mini skirts had begun to be fashionable tights were introduced so even if people were ashamed of their legs, they could still follow the trend. Patterned tights were worn the most, fishnets were briefly stylish and sparkly spandex was big in the Christmas period.

external image sixtieslegs.jpg